Something out of the Box!

At the beginning of term 2 our teachers gave us a project called “Something Out Of A Box.” We could create anything we wanted as long as it had a purpose. Fourteen amazingly designed creations were made by our class members. My group voted to make a hamster shelter as all animals need a place to call home. My role was to paint our box and hamster wheel. In my group were Annie, Ben and Mohammad. We all collaborated really well together. Ben created an amazing hamster wheel. Mr Valentine wanted it to move and doubted that Ben could make one but he proved him wrong. The spinning hamster wheel just made the presentation a whole lot better. Everyone had a  role to do with creating the hamster house. Some bits were harder than others. Below is our creation and we think that this project was amazing! What could you create with your spare boxes at home? ^ET

The "Hampster" Home for a Hamster.


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